Meet Shareio The world’s first solution to enable content to be monetized from any cloud storage service
Decentralized storage Nothing gets uploaded to us! Create a Shareio and share it anywhere.
Content security Our innovative technology prevents the unauthorized distribution of your content, protecting your revenue.
Content payment Sell your content with live streams, one-off payment, subscriptions or tipping, all via card or crypto. No ads, so no risk of demonetization.
Content subscription Create a collection of multiple items of subscribed content, that can be updated anytime for your customers.
Content marketplace The Shareio marketplace listing is free and uses AI to aid discovery. Reach the right audience for your content and capture more sales.
Content NFT Easily create NFTs of any media type or size, stored in any cloud storage.
Content affiliate Let your followers promote your content, rewarding them and increasing your sales.
Content analytics Integrate analytic tools to discover viewing behavior. Refine and make changes to your content and grow engagement.
Content Viewing Shareio provides the best experience for your customers to view subscribed or paid content on web, mobile, tablet and TV.
Content fees Shareio is free to use. No hidden charges or monthly fees. Shareio has no file hosting costs so we take just 5%
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